Sue Palmore Award of Excellence September 2015

September 2015
By Erich Thurow, Chairman D200 Education Foundation
The District 200 Education Foundation has received nearly 90 requests this month from teachers
and staff for grants for this year. A committee of our trustees is in the process of reading and
evaluating the requests and we will vote to award grants later this month and announce the grant
recipients at an assembly on September 30 at Woodstock North High School. We will again be
awarding nearly $25,000 in grants to fulfill our goal to “make things happen that ordinarily would
Now that the grant program is nearly completed, the Foundation turns its focus to awarding the Sue
Palmore Award of Excellence. Sue Palmore was a former School Board member and served for
many years as the Board’s liaison to the Foundation. The Palmore award is given each year to
someone in the community who has shown exemplary service to the students of District 200.
The first winner of the award was Harlow “Bud” Swarthout. “Bio Bud” was a career teacher and
coach at Woodstock High School and the Foundation was proud to start our annual award program
with recognizing Mr. Swarthout in 2011. The following year, the Foundation presented the award
to Barb Banker. Ms. Banker worked for many years as the district’s Director of Community Service
and was invaluable to the Education Foundation from its inception until her retirement that year.
Retired Greenwood principal Bill Schuette was the recipient of the award in 2013. One of the most
beloved educators in District 200, we were thrilled to present Bill with the award and many of his
former staff and students were on hand at our dinner to celebrate Bill’s award. Jim Campion, long
time Foundation board member, was the honoree for 2014. Jim’s leadership of the Foundation and
his continuing efforts for years after his retirement from the Board, made him an outstanding
candidate for the Award.
We were delighted last year to honor Miguel Rodriquez as the fifth annual award honoree. Miguel’s
work with students at Woodstock North High School and his efforts to form and work with the
Future Latino Leaders group at WNHS made him a perfect fit for our award which is designed to
recognize “an individual whose contributions have resulted in significant improvement to
education in District 200.”
The Foundation is now in the process of searching for our 2016 recipient, and that’s where we need
the help of the Woodstock community. On our website ( ) we have a
nomination form and more information about nominating a deserving candidate for the award. The
award will be presented at this year’s annual fundraiser dinner being held February 6 at the
historic Starline Factory in Harvard. The deadline for nominations is in October, so now is the time
to consider the people who have contributed to education in the district and nominate.