State of the Art Technology Benefits WNHS Students

Schools are always searching for new and innovative ways to motivate students to take their learning a step further through the use of state of the art technology. Now, WNHS students have the unique opportunity to support their classroom learning expe


riences through the use of a newly purchased green screen recording studio.  The purchase was made possible as a result of an impact grant awarded by the District 200 Education Foundation to Learning Resource Center Director, Marcy Wiebe and Project Lead the Way teacher, Stephen Buchs.

The green screen recording studio is currently housed in the school’s Learning Resource Center for ease of access by all students.  Grant recipient Marcy Wiebe explained that a green screen recording studio is the “same technology used by TV weather personnel to display their weather maps and other information.”  In brief, a live action video is taken in front of a “green screen.” Once completed, the live action video is then super-imposed over other videos, still photos or specifically selected visual or sound effects in order to create a multi-dimensional video blending student knowledge with limitless external sources of information.

Students at WNHS are just beginning to become acquainted with the many uses for the green screen system and its applications to their coursework.  Freshmen students, Faith Eddy and Kaylee Smith have had first-hand experience with the studio in their Geography course.  They created and recorded a course specific video which displayed their talents as rappers by developing a video designed to highlight the outstanding geographical characteristics of various countries from around the world.  Eddy shared that they have also created a “news cast” using the equipment to complete a project comparing and contrasting more developed and less developed countries as part of their Geography assignments.

The classroom applications for the green screen video recording system are limitless. The recording studio can provide many unique opportunities to students in developing meaningful projects designed to support their learning in a specific course.  Eddy and Smith shared the best part of having the equipment available is the fact that “it’s just fun to have the experience” of creating a video to complete an assignment.  Wiebe shared that she envisions the school using the video recording system not only for coursework, but for public service announcements to be broadcast throughout the school or for special projects such as expose~s on topics such as “text anxiety,” “driving safely” and “digital citizenship.” Wiebe hopes to supplement the system next year with the purchase of film editing software that will aid students in creating and streamlining the video production process. Eddy and Smith shared their creative side by stating that they would like to use the equipment in future years at WNHS to film a student generated drama/mystery movie.  The skies the limit, particularly since WNHS currently offers a course entitled, “Film Studies,” which lends itself nicely to fully using the new equipment.


Submitted by:

Mark Heckmon, Trustee

W.C.U.S.D. 200 Education Foundation